Monday, May 31, 2010

Out with the old

Yummy omelet and mixed greens salad; nasty picture. I think the lens on my Treo Pro has gone south.
Yummy sautéed European wiener (preservative and filler free, from the Grapevine Deli), mushroom and green onion with mixed green salad; amazing picture from my 9 year old's Sony Cyber Shot! I think I'll have to keep using Junior's camera from now on. I haven't been doing my food shots justice.
Excellent bacon and eggs; terrible hazy shot.
Same meal as above, still excellent even with no flash!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Workout round up

Where does the time go? Here is an abbreviated version of my week (and then some) of fitness activities. Here's the deal:
Wednesday 19 May: Walks X 2, 20 min each Thursday 20 May: Walks X 3, 20-25 min each Friday 21 May: Walks, 15 and 30 min; Eoin Finn Magically Hips Yoga, 57 min Saturday 22 May: Walks X 2, 25 min each Sunday 23 May: Walk 25 min Monday 24 May: Walks X 2, 35 and 25 min; LHT/Wicked Awesome Barbell Workout; Mowed Lawn Tuesday 25 May: Swim Sprints; Walks, 20 and 35 min Wednesday 26 May: Walks X 3, 20, 20, 25 min Thursday 27 May: Walks X 2, 25 and 30 min; Ashtanga Yoga at the University, 55 min

Well, there you have it. Not too many details, but you get the idea. I took it a bit easy this week as I wasn't feeling 100%. Until next time.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Riding the Omega 3 train: More salmon!

Yesterday's brunch: Sockeye smoked salmon, green onion and goat cheese omelet with avocado, strawberries and banana. We ran out of plates, hence the camping plate, in honour of the Victoria Day long weekend.
The only "problem" with opening a package of smoked salmon when you are the only one in the house who likes it is that you have to eat the whole package yourself in 3 days. Too bad for me - NOT!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Salmon weekend part two

Marinating: 2 sockeye salmon steaks in cilantro, dill (from our herb planter out back!), green onion, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
Grilling: about 15 minutes.
All done, time to eat!
Plated: with mixed greens and avocado. 

The second steak will be for a cold salmon salad today. Dessert was later. I didn't get a picture as I was too busy eating it: strawberries swimming in whipping cream (un-whipped, straight from the fridge), two bowls (hey, it's a holiday weekend).

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pseudo eggs Benedict, Primal style

They aren't quite traditional eggs Benny (these eggs are over easy with no hollandaise sauce) but they sure were tasty and definitely from the real food category! Included was one ripe tomato, half a package of smoked, wild, sockeye salmon, one green onion and three Omega 3 eggs done over easy (in bacon grease!). The banana that I used to "mop up" the egg didn't make it into the picture, but it did make it into my stomach, and gladly! This was all washed down with some Greg Danks' Coffee (Mexican this morning) and cream. A great start to the day for sure.

Now to figure out something to do for the Victoria Day long weekend with Daughter #1 away with friends camping but with Daughter #2 and her friend hanging out with us. I think some floor tile shopping and a trip to the indoor pool and leisure centre is on the menu.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back on track

I have been very remiss in posting these, so for the sake of brevity and catching up, I'll get right to it.

Sunday 9 May
  • LHT/Wicked Awesome Dumbbell Workout: 
  • 10 X push ups
  • One arm (right) neutral grip dead lift, biceps curl up to standing overhead press, Turkish getup, standing overhead press and biceps curl down to one arm deadlift down; repeat on left side
  • Two arm deadlift up, lunge left/right, split squat left/right, two leg squat, two arm biceps curl to standing overhead press, biceps curl down, neutral grip deadlift down
  • Repeated this X 6, first 2 with 2 X 20 lbs dumbbells and the last 4 with 25 lbs dumbbells; TULs between about 1:48 to 2:00
  • Walk, 1 hr 35 min (with > 60 min walking) to the pet store (via Starbucks!) with the whole family on a nice sunny day!
    Monday 10 May
    • Walks X 2, 20 min each
    • Swim sprints; 250 yd warm up in 4:40, 6 X 25 yds in ~ 16-18 s with about 60 s rest between each, 250 yd cool down in 5:14

    One way, or another

    I started taking Rebif (interferon beta-1a) as a disease modifying drug (DMD) for treatment of my MS in July 2009. Injecting myself thrice weekly was no joy, but then again neither is the prospect of MS progression, so I learned to work it into my routine. Unfortunately, Rebif and I did not agree with one another. I came off Rebif in late November, and then back on it again in January 2010. That lasted only until about the end of March when I came off it for the second time, again because my lab work showed that Rebif was affecting my bone marrow and blood counts.

    At this point my neurologist suggested I switch over to
    Copaxone (Glatiramer acetate) because it is not associated with the same side effects as Rebif (fever, aches, chills, headaches) and because it doesn't typically affect the same things that the interferon was affecting in my lab work. The downside, of course (there always is a downside) is that you need to inject Copaxone every day, not three times per week like Rebif, and Copaxone can cause skin irritation, lipoatraphy (damage to subcutaneous fat so that you develop "pits" in your skin) and it can cause muscle spasms if injected into or too close to a muscle.

    I have had few to no skin issues so far, but this may happen in time. On the other hand the muscle spasms have been an issue when injecting my legs and arms because I have almost no fat to inject into (contrary to the training nurse who visited me a week and a half ago who claimed I could use an 8 mm injection depth on all sites - wrongo!). Using the automatic injector (autoject) in my legs and arms also turns out to be a nonstarter and part of the problem because controlling the depth of the injection is tricky. When the spasms start, your muscle dances as if it were hooked to a car battery and feels as if the meanest, biggest guy you know just gave you a charleyhorse. Then 
    did it again just for fun. The stiffness lasts through the next day.

    The support nurse from
    Shared Solutions (who is very helpful) suggested that I manually inject at a 45 degree angle into my arms and legs to avoid the spasm issue. Two nights ago the injection into my arm was much better done manually than the previous night with the autoject, and involved much less swearing post injection. Other than some burning, all was basically fine. The manual leg injection last night was another story. I did not manage to get it into the tissue at 45 and the muscle was jumping before even half way into the injection. My SO couldn't watch it was so intense. Rah! I sent an e-mail to my support nurse and she suggested to dump using the legs and to use my abdomen as two areas to give me a total of 6 areas (abdomen X 2, butt X 2, arms X 2). Good call.

    Tuesday, May 11, 2010

    Spring is here! (For now, at least)

    Here's the view from my front window about one week ago.
    And here's the view on my walk this morning.

    Needless to say the weather has had a hard time making up its mind lately, but it looks like spring is actually here to  stay. I have a fair bit to post about, but for now will just stick to an update on my workouts, post back tweak. I modified my exercise routines and took it easy when my back was stiff/sore and changed my LHT workout to one with dumbbells instead of a barbell. I also took a pass at sprinting on land and instead did a swim sprint workout and skipped my HIIT/Bodyweight workout (lots of jumping around in it). Other than that, and having a couple of extra easy days, all was as normal and now my back is, well, back (to normal). And with no ibuprofen or other meds.

    Here's the deal.

    Saturday 1 May
    • made some vitamin D on the deck
    • Walk about 1 hr 40 min to the lake (above, different day) and back
    Sunday 2 May
    • Walk ~ 30 min
    • PM Yoga ~ 25 min
    Monday 3 May
    • Walk 20 min
    Tuesday 4 May
    • Yoga, 45 min, Rodney Yee's Energy Balance
    • Walk, 25 min
    • PM Yoga, freestyle ~ 25 min
    Wednesday 5 May
    • Walk, 20 min
    • Swim, 1,000 m, 21:14 (much better than the last 2 weeks), 150 yd cool down
    • Walk, 30 min
    Thursday 6 May
    • Walk, 20 min
    • LHT/Wicked Awesome Dumbbell Workout
    • One arm (right) neutral grip dead lift, biceps curl up to standing overhead press, Turkish getup, standing overhead press and biceps curl down to one arm deadlift down; repeat on left side
    • Two arm deadlift up, lunge left/right, split squat left/right, two leg squat, two arm biceps curl to standing overhead press, biceps curl down, neutral grip deadlift down
    • Repeated this X 10, first 2 with 2 X 20 lbs dumbbells and the last 8 wit 25 lbs dumbbells; TULs between about 1:30 to 1:50; need to keep really slow but a great workout; may need some heavier dumbbells!
    Friday 7 May
    • Walk, 25 min
    • Swim, 1,000 m 21:10 (ish - watch FAIL stopping the timer) plus 50 yd cool down
    • Walk, 25 min
    Saturday 8 May
    • Walks, 45 min, 20 min
    That'll have to do for least I am one less week behind. Soon I hope to turn to more posts about what I am up to or thinking about besides my workouts.